- How much will a deck, a backyard with a larch staircase cost? - at the first call / meeting, the Customer speaks.

“We don’t know,” he hears the answer from us. - Let's take measurements, choose fittings and a method for arranging the foundation, and then we will calculate everything. Let's discuss the tasks and find out which deck you need.

We are just sure that you understand such a simple thing as the uncertainty of prices for the construction of structures of their wood until the moment when there is already an agreed project for implementation.

Therefore, here we can only name the prices "From ...".

  • Decks - from $ 5,000
  • Verandas - from $ 5,000
  • Gazebos - from $ 10,000
  • Fences - from $ 15,000

We do not lure and do not attract with low prices - often this lies the likelihood that the contractor will begin to demand additional money already in the process of work. We always evaluate tasks honestly, truthfully and objectively and never ask to "add money" after the start of work on a project.