A country house with a plot should not be considered only as an object of permanent agricultural work. More and more owners prefer to transform their properties into a comfortable resting area, as close as possible to wildlife. Of course, there are homeowners who strive to plow every free square meter to plant certain vegetable crops. But it must be admitted that a well-kept green lawn is also necessary, which will delight the eyes with its emerald color, and on which there will be space for children's games.


We are ready to carry out seeding or laying work of any type of lawn on your site.

It can be like a natural lawn:

Parterre lawns

If we look at photographs in advertising tourist brochures, then many state residences, castles, palace complexes, museums, memorials are surrounded by a surprisingly flat, bright green lawn, always evenly mowed. This is the most prestigious type, which is called parterre. He is able to delight the eye with lush vegetation from early spring and literally before the snow falls, and his main, or rather, even his only role is only decorative.


Adorn and accentuate the main parts of the garden, in particular the fountains, sculptures and reservoirs. On the lawn of the flowerbed, a succulent grass of the closed type invariably forms, growing from early spring until the onset of frost.

Garden lawns and park

It is an almost universal format. It is found in parks, recreation areas, in summer cottages and on lawns near homes.


These lawns are resistant to external mechanical stresses - you can move freely along them, arrange children's play areas on these lawns, organize picnics or just sunbathe in the sun.

Meadow lawn

If homeowners don't like excessive "combing" of the local lawn, they can choose a meadow lawn. By the way, it can be created from the existing landscape gardening, planting certain herbs, which, with their flowering, diversify the appearance of the territory.


Grasses for overseeding are chosen so that they do not gain great height before the period of their flowering. For these purposes, they usually use hybrids, red or white clover, blue, yellow or hoppy alfalfa, sainfoin and horned lyadvinets. You can use multiple plants for overseeding - you get multi-colored lawns that look great against the general green background.

Moorish lawns

In this variant, cereal grasses are used. But flower crops are of paramount importance. The Moorish lawn literally attracts pollinating insects. It is also appreciated for its minimal maintenance requirements and its impressive variety of colors.


It looks like the prairie in many ways, but it looks even brighter and "richer". This is achieved by the fact that special flowering plants of different shades are used for overseeding, which creates a living "carpet" of incredible beauty on a green background. In fact, the Moorish lawn turns into a huge flowerbed. Also, if you choose the right seeds for it, flowering can continue all summer - some plants will replace others.

Laying artificial grass


It is an elastic canvas to the surface of which are attached rods of artificial grass made of propylene or polyethylene. Artificial turf is a sustainable alternative to traditional turf that does not require mowing or weeding, looks like real grass and is easy to install. Artificial turf is a carpet designed to look like natural grass. While the idea is to copy natural turf, artificial turf is made entirely of synthetic materials.