Paving slabs are a modern type of material ideal for refining small areas, such as paths in squares and parks, garage entrances, decoration of the local area in a suburban area.


Paving slabs are a durable and reliable coating that withstands extreme temperatures, humidity and other external factors. It is used in the development of pedestrian areas, parking spaces, playgrounds, stops.




It's no secret that manufacturers now offer a wide variety of shapes, types of tiles that can create an individual design style on your site.


Different color textures are applied, patterned, to highlight the originality and preserve a unique style. Laying paving slabs with your own hands determines not only the architectural ensemble of the future site, but also its durability.

Therefore, it is important to follow the installation technology and not to neglect simple and binding rules.

Our company Reno.Unique has been installing turnkey tiling and paving in Montreal and surrounding areas for over 9 years. We guarantee the quality of the work and install the tiles with a guarantee.

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