The terrace is a site near the house, which is intended for outdoor recreation. Terrace, translated from Latin as "land", which, in fact, reflects the essence of this structure - a platform equipped on the ground. It can be made of various materials, among which wood takes pride of place. Moreover, it can not only be fenced with wooden railings for terraces, but also have a completely closed structure from the named material.


In places where the climate is warm and dry, it can function as a living room in nature. In our latitudes, the terrace is glazed, and it turns into a veranda.

But, not everyone adheres to the principle of rationality - therefore, today wooden outdoor terraces are again popular. And the addition of a terrace to a wooden house is generally a classic of the genre. The terrace is indispensable for comfortable outdoor recreation.

Location of terraces

A wooden terrace on the territory of a private household can be arranged in several different ways: In the form of an adjoining platform to the house; As a detached or detached building, remote from residential and utility buildings.

Sizes and shapes of terraces

The size and shape of a wooden deck depends on the conditions of the site where it is located. In addition, the design of the site, the functional purpose of the structure and the capabilities of the owner affect its location. They can be not only at ground level, but also raised above it, and also have not one, but several levels in the structure, to the highest of which a staircase leads to the terrace. In addition, the wooden structure can be freely accessible or be fenced with decorative railings or live shrubs. The design depends entirely on the design of this structure. By the presence of a canopy, they are divided into those that have it, those that do not have it, and those that are partially closed.

Style and decoration of a wooden terrace

Terraces are made in different styles, according to the design of the house and the general landscape. The most popular styles at the moment are:

  1. Modern, which is based on minimal decorative design and using only strict lines. But this style in the design of terraces and verandas is not considered boring and cold, but, on the contrary, thanks to the correct presentation, it can be very cozy and comfortable. The tree on such a terrace is combined with metal or glass decorative elements, which can be made in the form of windows or other components.

  2. Country is a style that is a rustic classic. The design in this design looks very cozy, and is decorated with the same wooden pieces of furniture. Usually there are steps leading to such a wooden deck to complete the decoration. Particular attention is paid to the decoration of the terrace with textiles, as it emphasizes the individuality of the room in this style. Important! An indispensable element of the country-style terrace is a small green corner with tubs in which a variety of plants are planted.
  3. Provence. Such wooden terraces are decorated with light shades of surfaces, textiles mainly from natural fabrics and fresh flowers. For a more realistic style, all surfaces can be artificially aged to give them a more elegant look. For furniture, it is best to choose wicker chairs and wooden tables covered with a snow-white tablecloth in a small flower.
  4. Mediterranean - beach style. Often it is presented as light wooden structures, inside of which are summer furniture or even sun loungers. The terrace is usually open, but cold glazing in one glass can also be present. The use of pillows is also possible. As a rule, the roofs of such terraces are made in the form of a lattice.

The device of a terrace near the house can be decorated in different ways, which depend only on the wishes of the owner. We will tell you about the most interesting and often used for wooden structures:

  • Summer living room. On such a terrace, you can equip a prototype of a home living room with sofas and coffee tables. But, if the terrace is open, it is best to use wicker or wooden furniture and complement it with textiles.
  • Outdoor dining area. Often the terrace becomes a place for receiving guests on warm summer days. And for this, it must be equipped with everything necessary. Wooden chairs or benches and a table can be installed. To create a relaxed atmosphere, flowerpots with flowers are hung on the handrails, and light sources are arranged around the perimeter, which will add romance in the dark.
  • Relaxation area with swings. Such a terrace is an ideal place for privacy or a quiet evening with loved ones. The swing, located on the wooden terrace, will help you take a break from a difficult day and calm down. A small table is usually installed near the swing for the opportunity to put a cup of aromatic tea or put your favorite book. The room can be equipped with wooden windows for weather protection.

In general, the interior of the terrace is a matter of taste for its owner, because everyone tries to create space based on their own preferences and capabilities.

What are terraces made of?

Strength and durability, as well as ease of finishing are represented by wood elements from soft species. These include:

  • Pine is a very obedient material, from which you can create whatever your heart desires. But it is able to absorb moisture, therefore, grooves are necessarily formed in it, along which the accumulated water will drain.
  • Cedar. Wood of this type requires necessarily heat treatment before installation. This is necessary to give the finished structure strength and strength.
  • Larch. Such material is considered the most durable and reliable. In addition, larch is resistant to weathering and temperature extremes, which are not uncommon in our latitudes. The material contains resins that serve as antiseptics. That is why there is no need to purchase impregnating solutions for this wood in advance. Even terrace window frames can be made from it.
  • Trex is a composite board that has many advantages over classic wood and is devoid of their disadvantages.

The terrace is an ideal place to relax in the countryside. In warm weather, there is nothing better than spending time with your family on the cozy terrace of your home. Its device is cheaper than installing a separate gazebo and they are almost the same in functionality. However, when building it, you need to take into account some subtleties so that the wooden terrace retains its strength and appearance for many years. A wooden terrace will serve for a long time if you choose the right material for it and mount it with high quality. If you ignore the possible nuances during the construction of the structure, instead of the expected pleasure, it will bring continuous trouble and disappointment.

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